Passive Optical LAN (POL) for the Enterprise

All businesses have two concerns in common: security breaches and making the most of a technology investment.

Passive Optical LAN technology lets business enterprises utilize this enhanced and secure technology while saving you money.  POL uses thinner, lighter and less expensive cables requiring significant less space than Copper LAN environments.   Your company is also prepared for the future as there is no need to regularly refresh cabling infrastructures – only the active endpoints.

During the past few years hackers have proven that no one is exempt from cybercrime. Security breaches affect millions of people and cost companies millions of dollars. It is vital in today’s digital world to have reliable and secure networks that keep institutional data secure and confidential. Networks built with Passive Optical LAN are much more secure than those built with traditional copper switching networks. That is because fiber transmits light, not electrical signals like copper, which means hackers cannot listen to signal emissions. Regardless of your industry, secure data is essential.

SouthEast Bank wanted to build a network infrastructure that would sustain business growth over the next 20 years while reducing physical space, electricity consumption and heat dissipation from the network. DZS GPON allowed us to reduce space to one data room with no additional impact on cooling costs, while TE Connectivity’s shielded 6-strand fiber ensured our building is adaptable with no need for additional network runs.

Jeff Gibbs, chief information officer at SouthEast Bank

Based on carrier-class equipment, Passive Optical LAN typically provides 99.999% availability with redundant and high availability options to increase uptime even further.

With Passive Optical LAN, data can be transmitted through a strand of single mode fiber for up to 20 km (12 miles), thus eliminating the inherent distance limitation of traditional copper cable. POL provides a modern, future-ready, and environmentally friendly network infrastructure.


  • Significant CAPEX and OPEX savings
  • Lower TCO
  • Lower Equipment Cost
  • Reduced power consumption
  • No cooling required for wiring closets
  • Future ready infrastructure (25+ years)
  • More secure
  • Optimizes network performance
  • Massive reduction in floor and rack space consumption
  • Minimizes environmental impact

Network Diagram

Copper LAN Technology
Passive Optical LAN Technology

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DZS has deployed projects worldwide in a variety of enterprise environments including corporate campus’s, banks, manufacturing plants, call centers, government, hospitality, military libraries, sporting complexes and assisted living .