Passive Optical LAN


In a connected world, organizations rely on their data networks now more than ever. Based on carrier-class equipment, Passive Optical LAN typically provides 99.999% availability with redundant and high availability options to increase uptime even further.

Passive Optical LAN (POL) is an innovative extension of well-established fiber broadband technology that delivers the bandwidth, security, reliability, cost and space savings of fiber to enterprise LAN environments. As a founding member of APOLAN DZS is proud to be one of the pioneers of this leading edge technology using a point -to-multipoint topology that uses single mode fiber rather than CAT X copper cable to transmit data.

With Passive Optical LAN, data can be transmitted through a strand of single mode fiber for up to 20 km (12 miles), thus eliminating the inherent distance limitation of traditional copper cable. POL provides a modern, future-ready, and environmentally friendly network infrastructure.

Engineered for performance and value, DZS’ POL solution (FiberLAN) provides the highest density access switches available in the industry. This helps save our customer money and conserves valuable real estate.


  • Significant CAPEX and OPEX savings
  • Lower TCO
  • Lower Equipment Cost
  • Reduced power consumption
  • No cooling required for wiring closets
  • Future ready infrastructure (30+ years)
  • More secure
  • Optimizes network performance
  • Massive reduction in floor and rack space consumption
  • Minimizes environmental impact

Network Diagram

Copper LAN Technology
Passive Optical LAN Technology

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DZS has deployed projects in a variety of enterprise environments including major football and soccer stadiums, most brand name hotels and corporate campus environments for Fortune 500 clients