Advanced Copper: G.FAST, Superfast


DZS offers, VDSL2, and SuperFast (in field trial) technologies, as well as conventional copper access solutions, such as ADSL2+, SHDSL, T1/E1, ISDN and POTS service

SuperFast is an innovative DZS gigabit solution that operates over 2-pairs of UTP cable for unique environments where fiber is unavailable, and traditional xDSL services are unable to meet customer bandwidth requirements.

SuperFast is targeted for locations that have modern UTP cable plant, allowing service providers to provide higher value internet services without having to invest in  an all fiber infrastructure.

G.FAST extends high speed broadband to locations where fiber deployment is difficult. G.FAST is rated for up to about 500m (1600ft) DZS’ V5916T 1U Ethernet Switch provides up to 2 x 10GbE uplink connections or 1.25Gbps (upstream) / 2.5Gbps (downstream) data rate via GPON uplink connection, and supports 16 x 1Gbps G.FAST ports with VDSL2 FALLBACK (30A) and 16 x POTS ports with 80Gbps Switch Capacity.


Complete Copper Access Portfolio

  • fast, SuperFast, VDSL2, ADSL2+, g.SHDSL, basic rate ISDN, as well as T1/E1 EFM, T1/E1 PWE, and POTS.
  • Most of these technologies can be supported by a single CO-based MXK MSAN platform

Copper Expertise and continuing innovation

  • DZS has been deploying xDSL solutions for almost two decades and continues to evolve and innovate its copper network technology. The result is a diverse, relevant, and feature-rich copper portfolio that provides service providers a wide-range of solutions to meet its customer needs.

Network Diagram

Advanced Copper

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