Whole Home WiFi

The DZS-CONNECTION suite is comprised of 3 elements, led by CONNECT-ACS, an ultra-modern and open auto configuration server based on the Broadband Forum technical specification TR-069 standard. The suite also includes an analytics engine CONNECT-DA and CONNECT-API, an open RESTful interface. The DZS-CONNECTION suite is completely configurable and hardware neutral, simplifying and shortening the effort required to extend existing service providers networks with Whole Home WiFi services while providing freedom of choice without vendor lock-in.



First in a family new CPEs for WiFi, the DZS MESH-2100 node is a standard 802.11ac wave2 Dual Band MESH node that supports an aggregated data rate of up to 2100Mbps. Designed to take greater advantage of cloud-based analytics, the TR-069 compliant data model advancements from MESH node development are also being applied across DZS’s industry leading family of residential ONT/RGs for the smart connected home. New whole home WiFi combined with richer and more robust information end to end make DZS an even higher value supplier to service providers.