ZNID 2700A1 Series Indoor GPON ONT with dual-band 802.11ac wifi: 2726A1, 2726H1, 2727A1


The DZS 2700A1/H1 series indoor GPON ONT combines dual-band 802.11ac WiFi capability with a stylish table-top finish to bring next-generation connectivity and best-of-class performance to Fiber-to-the-Home/Hotel deployments.

Five internal high-gain antennas enable concurrent dual-band radios (2.4 and 5.8GHz) WiFi radios to independently connect multiple users and devices simultaneously, including older 802.11b/g/n devices. The 2700A1/H1 GPON ONT is ideal for providing WiFi coverage in large homes, home theaters, and hotel guest and conference rooms facing a variety of laptops and mobile devices.

The 2726A1 GPON ONT provides four 10/100/1000Mbps LAN ports, two FXS Voice ports, and one USB port. The future-proof GPON optics include a WBF (wavelength-blocking filter) for coexistence with Next-Gen-PON ONTs. The four Ethernet LAN ports can be separated into different services allowing the configuration of dedicated ports for IP video and data. The 2727A1 GPON ONT adds an RF Video port for overlay applications. The 2726H1 GPON ONT supports HCNA (HomePNA over Coax), giving greater flexibility to service providers who want to take advantage of existing coaxial network in the user’s home eliminating the need to run new cables.

The 2700A1/H1 GPON ONT sits upright and its attractive, modern enclosure requires a small footprint making it equally at home on a living room bookshelf or as a polished accessory in high-end commercial accommodations. An easy to use wall-mounting bracket is also included. Simplified and easy-to-read indicators allow for quick trouble-shooting even with no internet connection to avoid unnecessary cable-pulling and power-cycling. Hospitality installations will appreciate the guest-friendly indicator modes (Day, Night, Off). Extensive diagnostics in the ONT (run locally on the ONT or remotely from the NOC) reduce service call disruptions.

The supported industry-standard SIP and MGCP VoIP signaling provides reliable voice services. DZS’ experience with packet voice ensures interoperability and support with a large number of soft switches and with the ability to tailor the VoIP solution by selecting from a list of over 30 countries.

Flexible management means the 2700A1/H1 GPON ONT may be provisioned using the same intuitive and easy-to-navigate Web interface and CLI as the DZS 2400, 2600, 2800 and 4200 series ONTs, as well as through GPON-standard OMCI, USP (Unified Service Provisioning), the DZS Network Management System (ZMS), or using a TR-069 compliant ACS. Software upgrades and configuration backups can be handled automatically by the ZMS using the CPE Manager feature.

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Key Features
  • Standard ITU G.984 GPON
  • Triple-Play QoS
  • VoIP with CLASS 5 Features
  • 11b/g/n/ac WiFi
  • Lightning-fast WiFi speeds
  • Optional RF Video
  • Optional HPNA over Coax
Weight & Dimensions

28 oz (0.8 kg)

Main Body:

  • Height: 6.7 in (170 mm)
  • Width: 11.0 in (280 mm)
  • Thickness: 1.4 in (35 mm)

Desktop Footprint Depth:

  • 4 in (60 mm)
  • 12VDC, 2.0A max
  • 12VDC Power Supply: 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz, 36W out
  • Round barrel-type connector for power input
  • 2×4 Molex-type connector for optional BBU power input with alarm reporting

Network Interface (GPON Uplink)

  • SC/APC connector
  • Full ITU-T G.984 compliance
  • Class B+ optics
  • 985 wavelength blocking filter
  • GPON Type B redundancy support


  • Upstream data rate 1.25 Gbps
  • 1310 nm optics
  • DFB transmitter
  • Launch Power: +0.5 to +5 dBm


  • Downstream data rate: 2.5 Gbps
  • 1490 nm optics
  • APD/TIA receiver
  • Receiver Sensitivity: -28 dBm
  • Input power overload: -8 dBm
  • Input power damage: +5 dBm

RF Video Rx

  • 1550nm optics
  • Usable input power range: -8 dBm to +2 dBm
  • Input power overload: +2 dBm
  • Input damage level: +5 dBm

LAN Ports

  • Four 10/100/1000Base-T LAN ports
  • RJ-45 connectors
  • Auto-MDI-X crossover control
  • Auto-Speed or manual selection

POTS Ports

  • Two FXS ports
  • RJ-11 connectors
  • 5 REN per line
  • Battery voltage: -48VDC
  • Max loop current: 40mA
  • Ringing voltage: 48Vrms @ 20/25 Hz

WiFi – 802.11b/g/n:

  • 4 GHz band
  • 2×2 MIMO
  • Two +3 dBi internal antennas
  • Channel width: 20 MHz, 40 MHz
  • Max WiFi Connect (Phy) Rates: 54 Mbps (g); 270 Mbps (n)

WiFi – 802.11a/n/ac:

  • 5 GHz band
  • 3×3 MIMO
  • Three +3 dBi internal antennas
  • Channel width: 20 MHz, 40 MHz, 80 MHz

USB Ports

  • One USB 2.0 port
  • 3G dongle support for uplink fallback

RF Video Output Port (optional)

  • 1 x F-Type connector
  • RF output impedance: 75 ohms
  • RF passband: 47 to 1000 MHz
  • RF output level: 17 dBmv minimum (550 MHz, 3.5% OMI per channel)

HCNA Output Port (optional)

  • 1 x F-Type connector
  • RF output impedance: 75 ohms
  • HomePNA 3.1 over Coax support
Standards Support
  • ITU-T G.984 compliant
  • IEEE 802.3 Ethernet
  • IEEE 802.1p/q VLANs
  • IEEE 802.3u Fast Ethernet
  • IEEE 802.3ab 1000Base-T


  • SIP (RFC 3261)
  • MGCP
  • Codec: G.711 (u-law and A-law), G.729B, G726
  • DTMF dialing
  • Echo cancellation
  • Voice Activity Detection and Comfort Noise
  • Insertion
  • Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Call
  • Transfer, Three Way Calling, Distinctive Ringing
  • G.711 fallback for FAX
  • T.38 FAX support
  • DHCP client or static IP configuration
  • Wireless
  • SSIDs: 4 @ 2.4GHz + 4 @ 5.8GHz
  • Max number of subscribers: 64 per Radio
  • Max 2.4GHz Tx power: 100 mW (EU models)
  • Max 2.4GHz Tx power: 600 mW (US models)
  • Max 5.8GHz Tx power: 400 mW (all models)
  • Authentication Security: WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2,
  • WPA2-PSK, 802.1x
  • Encryption: WEP (64-bit, 128-bit), AES,
  • WPS modes: push-button, API PIN, STA PIN
  • RADIUS Server support
  • MAC address filtering
  • Access Point and Wireless Bridge modes
Protocol Support


  • Ethernet bridging/switching per IEEE 802.1p/802.1q
  • Traffic management (priority queuing and traffic shaping)
  • QoS with support for IEEE 802.1p + DSCP


  • Per port IEEE 802.1q VLAN ID processing
  • All VLAN IDs supported in Open Trunk Mode
  • Maximum of 12 VLANs per LAN port in Filtered Trunk Mode
  • VLAN tagging/untagging
  • VLAN Stacking (QinQ)
  • VLAN Switching
  • SSID to VLAN Mapping


  • IGMP v2/v3 Snooping
  • VLAN support

Layer 2

  • IEEE 802.3n flow control
  • Automatic MAC learning and aging
  • Support for up to 4,096 MAC addresses for RG traffic flows
  • Broadcast storm control

IP Routing and Firewall

  • PPPoE
  • Port forwarding
  • DHCP Server
  • DNS Proxy
  • OMCI
  • Web UI
  • CLI
  • SNMP
  • TR-069, TR-104 and TR-98
  • USP (Unified Service Provisioning)
Operating Requirements

Operating Temperature:

  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to +40°C
  • Storage Temperature: -20°C to +85°C
  • Relative Humidity: 0 to 95%, non-condensing
Regulatory Compliance
  • CE
  • UL/CSA
  • FCC Part B
  • 21 CFR 1040.10, 1040.11
  • RoHS 2011/65/EU

Ordering Information

Indoor GPON ONT, 4xGE, 2xPOTS, 802.11b/g/n/ac WiFi; xx = 00, EU, NA, UK power supply options
Indoor GPON ONT, 4xGE, 2xPOTS, 802.11b/g/n/ac WiFi, HCNA; xx = 00, EU, NA, UK power supply options
Indoor GPON ONT, 4xGE, 2xPOTS, 802.11b/g/n/ac WiFi, RF Video; xx = 00, EU, NA, UK power supply options