IMACS Powering Options


With hundreds of thousands of units deployed in the field, the IMACS platform provide a wide array of services and options to fit the needs of multiple deployment environments. From the hardened offering of the IMACS 200, to the newest offering of the IMACS 3000, flexible IMACS 600, all front-facing IMACS 900 to the IMACS 8000 and all the way to our most popular chassis, the IMACS 800, DASAN Zhone Solutions offers a wide array of chassis options to fit every need.

Accompanying this wide array of chassis and feature-rich service options, DZS also provides several powering options. In the case of the IMACS 200, these are factory-installed powering options while the other chassis provide the flexibility for the customer to order, install or even change the powering options in the field.


3000-DC-PSU. This 48VDC 100 Watt supply fits into the 3000 chassis exclusively.

PRM-8902 This 48VDC, 55 Watt DC supply can be used on the IMACS 600, 800 and 900 shelves.

8000-DC-55W. This 48VDC, 55 Watt supply fits in the 8000 shelf only.

8000-DC-135W. This 48VDC, 135 Watt supply fits in the 8000 shelf only.

PRM-8907 24VDC power supply, works in the IMACS 600, 800, 900 and 8000 chassis.

Two DC powering options are also in play for the IMACS 200 chassis, which are factory installed. There is both a 48VDC powering option, as well as a 125V option for substation deployments.


   3000-PSU-DC                       PRM-8902                         8000-DC-55W           8000-DC-135W


8000-AC-135W. This power supply is unique to the IMACS 8000 shelf, and is specifically created for the future deliverable dual OC3 Server card configuration, however it can be used to power the shelf regardless of card configuration.

8000-AC-55W (note recently set to obsolete  status) can only be used in the IMACS 8000 chassis.

PRM-8901 (note, recently obsoleted but widely deployed). Can be used in the IMACS 600, IMACS 800 and IMACS 900.

IMACS-AC2DC-48V4A200W  This AC to DC converter can be used to power IMACS in AC locations with an 8902 DC supply.

The IMACS 200 can be factory installed with dual AC supplies.

8000-AC-135W                                  8000-AC-55W                                           PRM-8901


3000-RINGER used  in the IMACS 3000 chassis only, this provides 5 REN to the user.

PRM-8906 Used in 600, 800, 900 and 8000 shelves, delivers 11 REN. Can be set to Master or Slave mode.

IMACS 200 has a built-in, on board ringing generator able to provide 5 REN of service.


PRM-8905 is an AC to 48VDC power converter that can be used in AC powered shelves to provide the 48VDC input required by the ringing generator in the 600, 800, 900 and 8000 shelves.

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