All of the HSU Card’s can be installed in any User slot of an IMACS chassis. Each port on a HSU can be independently configured to operate at any N x 56 Kbps or N x 64 Kbps speed where N is between 1 and 31 in E1 mode or 1 and 24 in T1 mode. In addition to the data rate, each synchronous port’s Transmit Clock can be programmed for Internal (“int”) or External (“ext”) modes and both the Clock and Data Polarity may be Inverted (“inv”) through software.

Software-initiated diagnostics supported include the setting of local loopbacks towards either the network (“net”) or the attached DTE equipment (“dte”). In addition, a remote loopback function allows the HSU card to generate and respond to both latching and non-latching DDS-format OCU, CSU and DSU loopback codes initiated from the remote end of the circuit. The card can also generate and recognize two industry-standard in-band loop-up and loop-down codes that act on the entire super-rate circuit. Those are the ITU (CCITT) V.54 (“v.54”) code and the ANSI Fractional T1 (“ft1”) code, respectively.

In addition, the integral Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) can be used to generate test patterns and route those towards the WAN facility. These test patterns can then be used to verify synchronization and measure circuit quality.

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Key Features
  • Available in 2 or 4 port versions for cost effective deployment.
  • Supports V.35, RS530 or V.11 interfaces.
  • V.35/X.21 trunk interface versions for Nx64K network access.
  • 56kbps/64kbps, Nx56kbps/64kbps up to 1.536Mbps/2.038Mbps.
  • Extensive diagnostic support including multiple loopback selections, integral Bit
  • Error Rate Tests (BERT) on a per port basis, and end-to-end QoS measurements.
  • 8″ x 7.5″, 20cm x 18.75 cm
  • .75 pounds, .34 kilograms
  • 2 port: 2.5 Watts, 8.54 BTU/hr
  • 4 port: 3.5 Watts, 11.94 BTU/hr
  • 2 port: 2 female 25-pin DB25 D connectors
  • 4 port: 4 female 26-pin DB26 D connectors
  • Telcordia TR 41304, EN 50081-1 12/12/9, EN 50082-1 10/12/9, EN 60950/Al, EN 61 000-4-2, EN 61 000-4-4, Telcordia TR 41304, EN 50081-1 12/12/9, EN 50082-1 10/12/9, EN 60950/Al, EN 61 000-4-2, EN 61 000-4-4,
  • Operating Temperature 0 to 50 C. 32 to 122 F
  • Storage Temperature -20 to 80 C, -4 to 176 F
  • Humidity 0 to 95% Humidity. Non-Condensing
Geek Specs
  • Electrical Interfaces
    • Model 820260 ITU-T V.35, V.11, RS530, RS232, V.24*
    • Model 820360 V.11 Trunk Interface (External Timing)
    • Model 821260 ITU-T V.35**
    • Model 821460 V.35 Trunk Interface *** (External Timing)
    • Model 821570 ITU-T V.35, V.11, RS530, RS232, V.24*
    • Model 821660 ITU-T V.35, V.11, RS530, RS232, V.24*
      * Note: external adapter is required
      ** Note: full V.35 Red Book Std.
      *** Note: full V.35 Blue Book Std.
      [Cable specs detailed in Premisys Cable & Equipment Guide]
  • Data Format Synchronous
  • Data Protocol Transparent
  • Diagnostics V.54 or DOS format local and remote loopbacks with automatic timeout
  • Software-Configurable Options
    Data Rate per DS0 Nx56Kbps or Nx64Kbps
    Number of DS0s per port 1 to 31
  • Transmit clock per port Internal or External
  • Clock polarity per port Normal or Inverted
  • Data polarity per port Normal or Invented
  • RTS/CTS Delay: per port 0, 30, 60, or 100 milliseconds
  • RTS handshake per port Permanent, local, ignore, rlocal
  • BERT per port Active or inactive All Marks All Spaces QRSS
  • Local Loopback per port None, DTE, Network
  • Loopback Generation per port off CSU, DSU, OCU-DP, V54
  • Loopback Detection per port Disable, Enable, Enable timeout

Ordering Information

IMACS 8000, HSU, 2P
IMACS 8000, HSU, 4P, RS530, W/EJECT