Manage & Monetize Whole Home Wi-Fi and the Internet of Things


Product Highlights

  • CONNECT-ACS – Core system including ACS and RESTful API
  • CONNECT-DA – Optional, Data Warehouse and Data Analytics Engine
  • More than an ACS, a Next Generation platform designed to handle the complexity, scale and diversity of managing, supporting and monetizing the Connected Home
  • Device, Manufacturer and Transport Agnostic
  • Knowledge gathering platform


CONNECT-ACS performs the traditional roles of an ACS including firmware management, zero-touch provisioning, bulk operations and much more.

Intuitive and powerful, key ingredients of the CSR platform

Identify and enumerate the types of device within homes and businesses. CONNECT-ACS CSR platform provides a valuable tool set for help desks:

  • View the physical link status
  • Verify the Quality of Experience to the subscriber and that subscribed services are being delivered
  • Use the one-click suspension of accounts for non-payment or other reasons
  • Multi-service provisioning and diagnostics

Diagnose and Analyze LAN side issues

  • RF Interference level and historic values
  • Wi-Fi signal level to each device and historic values Verify connectivity to each device Upstream/Downstream data consumed of each device Disable individual LAN-side devices
  • Personalize home network devices

Powerful analytics identify upgrade candidates and associated monetary value

  • CONNECT-ACS meets the challenges of streamlining the entire subscriber life cycle from installation, inventory management, and performance monitoring, troubleshooting and providing valuable data to increase revenue and improve experience quality.

Full data analysis from descriptive through prescriptive

  • Gain a clear view of the details you need to know to be successful.
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