The IMACS 3000 Chassis is the first IMACS chassis to introduce the entire set of common cards oriented horizontally. In an effort to provide an elegant solution to field demands for a 3RU tall chassis and making existing customer inventory non-obsolete, the IMACS 3000 chassis was created. Having the common cards placed horizontally in a traditionally convection cooled platform required some ingenuity to ensure proper cooling of the traditional set of cards to  maintain the same ‘place it and forget it’ philosophy enjoyed by our broad customer base.

To satisfy these options to our base, the need for fans to circulate the air inside the chassis was a necessity. Each chassis includes a fan tray in the front, as well as one in the rear of the chassis. Each fan tray comes with four field-replaceable fans, an on-board locking mechanism and an LED to indicate proper operation. Should any of the fans stop rotating for any reason, the system will flag that a fan has an issue and turn the dual-color LED on the front from green to amber.

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Key Features
  • Four connectorized and field replaceable 12V fans.
  • Sense lead to flag the operator of a fan malfunction.
  • Dual fan trays independently cool the front and rear of the chassis
  • Provides over 39 CFM per side
  • 8″ D (with handle) x  .8″ H x 3.5″ W
  • 20.3 cm D (with handle) x 2.0 cm H x 8.9 cm W
  • .6 pounds, 2.72 kilograms
  • (4) 12VDC fans
  • 4.88 Watts, 16.65 BTU/hr
  • one 16-pin connector to the backplane

Ordering Information

Fan tray with (4) field replaceable fans. Two trays come standard with the chassis and are required for normal operation.