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Fiber Networks Are the Foundation to Securing Digital Data in Hospitality

IT professionals in the hospitality industry have one major concern in common: security breaches. Over the past few years, hackers have proven that no one is exempt from cybercrime. Security breaches affect millions of people and cost companies millions of dollars each year. It is vital in today’s digital world…

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Government Funding for Increasing Broadband Access in Public Schools and Libraries: The FCC’s e-rate Program

Public education today faces a serious challenge: a lack of sufficient technology funding. Both STEM and Common Core curriculums have a higher chance of success with the appropriate technology support, yet many public school districts lack the funding required to update their broadband infrastructure, let alone their hardware. Help, however,…

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Fiber Networks: Securing Data for America’s Financial and Banking Institutions

Corporate America is under attack. In the past few years we’ve seen major security breaches impact millions of Americans, as Target, Home Depot and various other retailers have lost consumer confidence thanks to major data breaches. Even the banking industry isn’t immune to security risk. JPMorgan, one of the largest…

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